To Us – People Matters.

We’re crazy passionate about chicken. But the thing is, we’re just as passionate about our people. We treat each other with respect, encourage one another and celebrate our diversity. In the end, we’re all about giving our team members the opportunity to grow, prosper and reach their full potential as crew members and people.

Supervises and coordinates activities concerning all back-of-the-house operations and personnel, including food preparation, kitchen and storeroom areas. Hires, discharges, trains, and evaluates back-of-house personnel. Purchases or requisitions food items, supplies and equipment. Plans or participates in menu planning and food production and apportions meat, vegetables and desserts, as well as food surpluses, to control costs. Supervises food preparation personnel to ensure food adheres to standards of quality to maintain cleanliness or kitchen and equipment. May meet with clients to plan special menus.

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Mention Ref#: KitchenMgr

Helps the restaurant create and maintain a positive image; publicizes fundraisers, parties, special discounts and other newsworthy events.

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Mention Ref# PR

Maintains overall management responsibilities for the foodservice unit/establishment. Directs, coordinates, and participates in preparation, cooking, wrapping or packing food serviced or prepared by establishment, collects payment from in-house or take-out customers, and assembles food orders. Coordinates workers who keep business records, collect and pay accounts, order or purchase supplies, and deliver food to retail customers. Interviews, hires and trains personnel. May contact prospective customers to promote sale of prepared foods. May establish delivery routes and schedules.

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Mention Ref: GM